Edit Sections Permissions


Important Note: if a group of users are prevented from logging into article module, and you give the same group permission to log into some sections of the article module, in this case, those members will not be able to log into the sections. As those users are prevented from logging into the module it self. How ever, if you give permission for users to log into the module itself, and prevent permission of some sections, the users will be able to log into the other sections. 

To sum up, there are levels of every CMS permissions, the highest level has the priority to be exhausted. 

To edit the section permissions, follow the below steps: 

Press (Edit Permissions) icon in front of the required section as below: 

A list of all valid permissions will be shown, at the list top, there is a box to activate or deactivate all permissions as below picture: 

Every permission has a dropdown list of users groups; whether to select some groups to give them the permission, or press select all  to give them all the permission. 

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