Flickr Images Import


Brief: “Flickr” is a well known social media platform which is designed to share photos. User can create albums as well to save their photos. Dimofinf V.5 allows you to import your photos from “Flickr” if you have an account on it. 

Select (Images) module, and press (Flickr Images Import) as the below picture: 

The below template will show up: 

-Sections: Choose section in which you want to save the imported photos from flickr. . 

-User: enter the username that is shown with the published photos. 

-Flickr User ID or NS_ID: enter the flickr account code. 

To get the membership code, login to you flickr account, the end of your page URL,you find the code. 

For example,

The highlighted part is the code. You can not import any images without entering this code. 

-Choose import method from Flickr (Note: you have to get the plugin firstly): choose whether to import photos from your album on flickr or from (photo stream) which is the published albums that any one has access to. 

-Title: enter the title of the imported photos, if you import multiple photos, they will be displayed in a slider. 

-Number of contents imported From Flickr: set the number of imported photos, noting that there is no limited number. 

-Copy Flickr Comments: you can copy the comments on your flickr account as well; however, they will be shown as the website users comments not flickr’s ones

-Display On Homepage: activate or deactivate displaying the imported photos from Flickr on the website homepage. 

-Status: set the imported photos status to be published or waiting for approval. 

-Publishing Date: set the publishing date on the website. 

Press (Submit) to save or (Reset) to re enter new data. 

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