Articles Module Settings


Brief: this feature allows you to adjust the module settings of its sections, and managing its blocks. 


To login to article module settings: 

1- Login to control panel.

2- From the side list, select “Settings”, then “plugins Settings” as shown in the below picture: 

3- Another list will show up, select “Article Settings” as the below picture: 

The page of general settings will show up: 

The first three options allows you to select the article sections that will be shown in the list and blocks of the website content. 


-Sections Links To Display On The Left Menu: set the articles sections that will be displayed in the side list. 

Noting that, if you don’t choose sections, article module will not show up in the side list. 

-Sections To Display In Articles Sections Block: The block of (Article Sections) displays articles existed in articles module whether they are included in internal pages or the homepage.

-Sections Contents To Include In The "New Articles" Block: this block adds the most recent articles to sections that you select. 

-Number of Sections To Display In Each Row On Homepage: if you have the block (Articles Section) on the homepage, you are allowed to manage how to display section in the block. 

In addition, you can set the number of displayed sections in every row. 

-Total number of Contents To Display From Each Section On Homepage: you can manage the number of contents that are displayed in each selected section depending on the previous step. 

-Display Sections Only: Press (yes) if you want to display sections without content. 

-Number of Sections To Display In Each Row In Modules: you can set the number of displayed sections in every row  of the internal pages. 

-Total number of Contents To Display In Each Row In Homepage: you can set the number of contents for each row in every block. This feature is very important if the option (show sections only) is displayed. 

-Number of Sections To Display On Each Page In Modules: set the number of displayed section in every page. If there are 10 sections and you set 5 section for each page, so you will have 2 pages for sections. A numbered list of pages shows up beneath the sections. 

-Total number of Contents To Display In Each Row In Modules: set the number of contents to be displayed on every section page. 

-Number of Contents To Display On Each Page In Modules: set the number of articles to be displayed on every section page. 

For example, if you have 1000 articles for every section, and you want to show 20 ones in every page, so that you will have 50 pages in this section. A numbered list of pages will be shown beneath the articles.  

-Add Author info: you can display this option if you don't want to show the author's name. 

What makes this option special is that if you activate it, visitors may come to your website to follow a certain author. 

-Maximum Image Dimensions: the uploaded picture will be automatically set as the entered dimensions. It is preferably to set a realistic dimension for the picture high quality. 

-Maximum Section Image Height: allows you to set the width and height of all the section pictures. 

It is not recommended to make the height and width less than 150 for the picture clearance. 

-Maximum size of uploaded images: all pictures will be automatically resized as per as the entered number. 

-Total Number Of Contents To Display In The "New Articles" Block: set the number of articles that will be automatically displayed in every block (recent articles) 

-Sections Sorting Order In Modules: set the order you want to display sections by selecting one of the methods existed in the dropdown list. 

-Contents Sorting Order In Modules: you can set the criteria to order the sections articles as well. 

-Apply Previous Sorting Order To Homepage: activate this feature to apply the previous blocks settings to existed one on the homepage. 

Don’t activate this feature if you want to display the homepage blocks differently. 

-Activate Ticker: it allows the recent articles to be displayed automatically.

-Allowed Ticker Areas: set the allowed locations to show the ticker; whether to be shown only on the internal pages, homepage, or all the pages. 

-Display Module Statistics: the (Statistics Block) is a main one that is not belonged to a certain module and  can be added to any page. 

This block shows the number of contents of every mosule and the date of the recent added content. 

-Meta Keywords: enter meta keywords that fit the articles module, to be included in every content published on the website pages. 

Use this feature if you want to add meta keywords to all the module contents that has no previous meta keywords before being published. 

-Module Short URL: short URLs  help in reaching the website pages easily by adding a keyword beside the domain. For example, if you want to refer to the articles module pages, enter (articles) in this field as shown below: 

Note: every short URL has to be used once, and does not include numbers or arabic alphabet.  

-Articles module order in the Modules menu: set the module order in the website modules list. 

-Articles Module Blocks Loading Order: this feature provides a priority for a block you want to be ordered firstly. For example, any new article will be added to both (Articles Sections) and (New Articles) block, so you can select where the article will be published firstly. 

Press (Edit Setting) to save. 

-Articles Displaying Method: to display the blocks of the module, press the icon (List) in the header, activate default layout, then press (Add Block), use (Filtration or searching feature to display articles blocks only), then drag the block to set it desired location. 

For more details about how to use the default layout, press Default Layout Explanation 

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