Member's user Panel


Brief: user panel enables you to control your notification,as well as, it enables admins, editors and publishers to manage to delete or approve modules and comments. 


User panel features: 

Login to the (edit profile) page.

Manage approving or deleting modules.

Manage all types of notifications such as modules, plugins and following notifications.


How to reach the (user panel) page:

Press the admin list in the website header, then press the admin name, a drop down list shows as below: 

Then you are transferred to the user panel page: 


Firstly: Modules Management

This item is only shown to the website admins as per as each member’s permission divided into several sections like: 

1-Pending Contents

2-Edited Contents

3-Rejected Contents

3-Pending Comments

5- Pending Replies

You can monitor all added contents and tackle required action whether (approve the content) or (remove selected). 

Note: when you press any content, you are transferred to the content page where it is viewed. 


Secondly: notifications: 

The website contents notifications appear right here, 

1-change the content status, for example, from rejected to approved.

2-add content that was previously pending. 

3-add content title.

4-delete content.

5-comments notifications; when any member replies to your comment. 

6-invitations notifications, only if the plugin is installed. 

7-like or dislike your published content.

8-following notifications. 

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