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Brief: you can edit your profile information and add new data about you and your social media accounts. In addition, you can change the profile picture and invite friends to register on the website. 


Editing information has many features such as: 

-upload personal picture. 

-edit your name, email-address, and password. 

-adjust the website style, time and date.  

-add a brief about yourself, word of wisdom, social media accounts, country and city. 


How to reach (editing information) page: 

You can reach this page using various ways like: 

1- press the member name  existed at the website top (header), a dropdown list that includes (edit profile) will show up as shown below: 

2- press the button (edit profile) that exits on (my profile) page as the picture below: 

After pressing (edit profile), the below picture will show up: 


Firstly: edit profile tab: 

This tab provides many options such as, 

Display Name: enter your name that is shown on the website. 

our current password: in case you want to change the password, you have to enter to enter the old one for security wise. 

New Password: enter the new one. 

Confirm New Password: re enter the new password to confirm. 

Email Address: enter the email address if you want to change it. 

Confirm Email Address: re enter the new email-address to confirm. 


Secondly: edit profile options tab: 

This tab provides many options such as, 

Public Username: this name is displayed in the profile URL, noting that it should be unique and not include numbers.  

Date Method: set the date type whether it is (Hijri- Gregorian) 

Time Zone Offset: set the timezone. 

Enable Daylight Saving: activate or deactivate the approved daylight saving time. 

Beginning of the Week: choose a day when the week starts in your country. 

Default Style: choose the website style. 

Enable Events Invitations: this option is shown if you have installed events and events plus plugins. 

Google maps location: your location will not be displayed on your profile if you deactivated this option, noting that this field is displayed only if you have installed (Google maps) plugin.  

Enable map history: places that you visit are not shown if you deactivate this feature. Noting that these places appear when you press the button (previously visited places) and this field is displayed only if you have installed (Google maps) plugin.  


Thirdly: additional information tab: 

This tab provides many options such as, 

Privacy: if you press (private), any member that wants to follow you, will need an approval. Otherwise, if you choose (public) any member can follow you without approval. 

Country: enter your country. 

City: enter the city where you live. 

Phone/Mobile/Cell: enter your contact number if you want visitors to call you. 

Homepage: enter your favorite website page, noting that it has to start with (http) to ensure the link. For example, http://www.dimofinf.net

Facebook ID: enter your facebook account. 

Twitter ID: enter your twitter account. 

linkedin ID: enter your linkedin account. 

Skype Name: enter your skype account. 

About Me: enter a brief about yourself. 

Words of Wisdom: write down a word of wisdom. 


Fourthly: image options tab: 


You can upload a picture from your device, or choose from avatar pictures that are previously uploaded. 

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