Brief: the profile is an identifying page of the members as it shows their information, contacts, and activities on the website. As well as, you can follow the member and message him by visiting his profile. 


The profile has many features such as:  

-display the member’s profile picture. 

-change the colours and formats of the profile. 

-show the profiles followed by the member, and his followers. 

-display the member’s information like, (contact number, social media accounts, country, city, etc.,). 

-display the member’s contents and activities on the website. 

-show the tags that the member has got. 


Firstly: how to reach the profile: 

You can reach the profile by pressing the member's name mentioned on any content, pressing the member's name in the block (active now), or you can search for the member’s name by using his name in the website search bar.

Any member can reach his profile by pressing the profile list existed in the website header as shown in the below picture: 

After you press (My profile), you are transferred to the profile page as as shown below: 

You can manage information that is displayed on the profile page through (profile options) in the control panel. 

Secondly: Editing the layout and the member’s data: 

There are many options to change the the profile layout as shown in the below picture: 

Upload profile background: upload picture from your device to set as a layout background. 

Choose background color: to change the layout background color, selecting a colour instead of a picture, the colours are shown as below:  

Press (Apply) to save changes. 

Profile Font Color: choose phrases and icons on your profile, noting that the first picker is for icons and the second is for phrases: 

Press (Apply) to save changes. 


اختيار صورة خلفية الغلاف : لتغيير صورة خلفية الغلاف من الصور التي أضفتها مسبقًا عن طريق بلجن الخلفيات، في حال تفعيل بلجن الخلفيات؛ وتظهر الصور كما في الصورة التالية :

Choose background image: change the background image that you have add using the backgrounds plugin, in case of activating this plugin, the below picture will show up: 

Press (Apply) to save changes. 


In addition, you can edit your profile data by pressing the button (edit profile) as shown in the below picture: 

Thirdly: Followers: 

The profile includes as well the members that you follow and your followers. By pressing any button of them, you will see their names, membership date, and their ranks. 


Fourthly: the member data and information: 

The member’s profile includes various data about him such as contact number, social media accounts, city, country, and his published contents. These information is shown such like below: 

As well as a brief about the member, wisdom word, and his location on Google map. 

Fifthly: recent activities on the website: 

The tab (Recent activities) shows all activities tackled by the member, such as adding comments,contents, or likes. These activities are shown as below: 

Sixthly: follow a member and send him a message: 

When you visit any member, you can follow him by pressing the  button (Follow).

Then you can send him a message and see his contents. 

If the profile is (public), you can follow the member and send him a message without a permission, otherwise if it is (private), your request will be pending waiting for approval and the member is notified of that. 

Note: you can manage the profile privacy using the tab (additional information) mentioned in the (edit profile page) as shown in the below picture: 

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