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Brief: Dimofinf V.5 CMS has provided various ways to login any website that align with the massive websites development. 


You can login to any website by using the following methods: 

-socialmedia websites such as Facebook.,Twitter,and Google in case you own the (social login) plugin. 

-using invitation, in case you own (invitations) plugin. 

-by enter login data which is the default way. 


Firstly: website registration: 

You can register in the website by pressing the button (login) existed in the header: 

There are two buttons; (login and register), press (register): 

A template with all below data will show up: 


First tab: required information: 

Member name: enter the used member name to login. 

Displaying name: enter the name that is shown to the visitors. 

Password: enter the password used to login. 

Re Enter password: to ensure the password. 

Email address: enter the email address used to receive messages and notifications. 

Re Enter email address: to ensure the email address. 

Gender: enter the gender type whether it is (male or female). 

Yes, I accept terms and conditions: press the square that indicates that you have read all conditions and accept them. 


Second tab: additional data: 

Country: write down your country. 

City: enter the city where you live. 

Default style: choose the default style of your website. 

Date Mechanism: select the date displaying whether it will be (Hijri or Goergian). 

Daylight time: an hour is added to the current time if this option is activated. 

Time Zone Offset: the difference between your region time and  Greenwich Mean Time.

Beginning of the Week: set the day when the week starts. 

Press (submit) , to register. A link is sent to your email address, press it for a successful registration. 

In case (admin approval of new members) is activated, you have to approve new members using the CMS control panel. 

Press the received notification, and you are transferred to (awaiting approval members). Choose the required action. 


Secondly: log in: 

You can login the website by pressing the button (login) existed in the header: 

A window will show up in order to login using social media plugin or by entering username and password. 

If you forget the password, press the button (forgot?) and the lost password reset template will show up: 

-enter the email address, and verification code, then press (submit). After that, a window is shown stating that you have received an email to reset your password. 

-enter to your email, and press the sent link. 

-Get back to your email, and you will find a message with (new password). 


-it preferable to delete the message and change the password for security wise. 

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