Actions Log

Brief: Actions Log is one of Dimofinf V.5 features through which the admin can view all the tackled actions whether it is adding, deleting or registration. 

 To reach Action Log, follow the below tutorial: 

From Cpanel, select Tools> then Action Log as shown in the picture below: 

 After that, you will be directed to the below page: 

 It is divided into two parties; (Action log Viewer & Delete Action Log Records) 

1-Action log Viewer: 

This function allows the admin to search for actions, and set the records number viewed in every page. It is used as well to determine a certain file or user and view actions related to them. In addition to setting the actions time and the sort type whether it is by date, user or script. 

Then press (View), and you will be directed to the below page: 

2- Delete Action Log Records: 

It enables the admin to delete actions of a certain period or actions belong to certain files or users. The admin can also enter a number of actions that will be deleted and the actions will be deleted since the most recent. 

 After setting the above fields, press (Delete error records) and you will be directed to a page including the number of actions, press (Yes) to confirm, or (No) to cancel. 

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