Repair and Optimize Tables


Brief: this feature enables you to repair and optimize database tables without any need of programming background. Just select tables you want to repair and the action will be tackled immediately. 

To repair and optimize tables, follow the below: 

From the Cpanel, select Tools> then Repair and Optimize Tables as shown in the below picture: 

Then, the below picture of tables will be shown up as below: 


- Select the tables you want to repair or optimize, then set the option (Optimize Tables or Repair Tables) and press (Start fix). 


- There is an ability to (repair unique indexes) in case their database is lost for any reason. 


- As well as, (fix modules contents counter) in case the database counter is stopped. 


- (Fix Content ID Fields in Modules) is valid also in case the database content ID ordering is stopped. 


- In addition to repairing and optimizing (Indexes) in case of losing indexes data from database. 


- Lastly, you can repair and optimize ( comments counter) in case the database automatic counter is stopped. 

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