Watermark Options



Brief: this setup is used to adjust the settings of the website watermark showed on all its pictures. 


In order to manage this setting, follow the below: 

From Cpanel, select Settings> Dimofinf Settings> then Watermark Options: 

The Below settings will show up as below: 

Enable Watermark: activate or deactivate putting watermark on pictures. 

Watermark Type: you can choose one type; whether a text or a picture. 

Watermark Image: in case the watermark is a picture, upload it in this field

Watermark Font Name: in this case, the text entered in the watermark box will be shown on all the uploaded pictures.

Watermark Font Size: is the size of the watermark font.

Watermark Text: is the text shown on all the uploaded pictures.

Watermark Stroke Color: is the border colour of the watermark text. 

Watermark Fill Color: is the colour used to fill the watermark text. 

Watermark Position: is the location where the watermark will be put on the picture. 

Press (Edit Settings) to save. 

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