Facebook Auto Publish


Brief: this plugin allows you to publish website content on your Facebook account. 


Firstly: settings: 

1- Login to the control panel

2- from the side list, select (settings)> then (plugins settings) as the picture below: 

3- the settings list will show up, choose (RSS Importer settings) as the picture below:

The below page appears:

-Activate auto publishing: activate or deactivate this plugin. 

-App ID: enter the application ID that you have created on facebook website. 

-App Secret Code: enter the secret token that you get after creating the application. 

-Number of publishing content characters: set the number of characters that are used in the facebook content. 

-Modules contents to be published: select modules to publish their content on Facebook. 

-Where you want to publish content on Facebook: set the location where you want to publish content on Facebook. 


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