Editor Functions

(""=Dim_editor($area, $text ="", $rows = 26, $showresize = false, $dimcp = false, $editor_id = 0, $parent 

This function is used to recall the editor and executed in the (adding, editing) pages. 


-  area$ (mondatary) : The text area to which the editor is applied. 

-  text$ (optional) :The text existed in the editor. 

-  rows$ (optional) : The editor height measuring to the number of the horizontal rows. 

-  showresize$ (optional) : boolean true/false value to activate the feature of increase/ decrease the editor measuring. 

-  dimcp$ (optional) : boolean true/false, it is set as “true” if the editor is displayed on the dimcp pages. 

-  editor_id$ (optional) : The number of editor ID; it is set if there is more than one editor on the same page. 

-  parent$ (optional) : The names of main blocks in which the row of recalling template files is mentioned. 




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