Unban IP from Client Area for Shared Hosting Clients

To unblock your IP, please login to the client area, then press the (unblock IP) button.

You can login directly to the “Ip Unban Center” page” by pressing here

*Noting that you can reach the IP Unban Center directly from logging in Client Area, press Services, choose the hosting service that your IP has been blocked from logging to, a side list will be showed up, press  "IP Unban Center".


1- In case, the account includes multiple plans, press the lock sign in front of the hosting service that your IP has been blocked from logging to.



2- Your IP will be shown up, press check as the below picture:


Note: In case you want to unban another IP (for example, an IP of a developer who is working on your website) , you can enter the IP in the box instead of yours, then press check. 

3- Another window will be shown up clarifying the unban reason , press “unban” to cancel this IP banning . 

4- Wait for a notification that the banning has been canceled 

Then press the (unblock) button.

Congratulations! It has been unblocked.

Note: If the below message is shown after proceeding step (2), so your IP is not banned 


Secondly, Unban IP for dedicated and cloud servers: 

In order to unban your IP, open a ticket directed to “Hosting Department” following this link 


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