How can I restore a backup of databases?

You can restore a backup of databases if you activate (MySQL Addon), or if you take a backup from the partition of the databases folder.

In order to restore using MySQL Addon:

1- Login to the control panel

2- Review restore points.

3- Choose the database or the table to be restored by pressing and selecting the box beside it.

4- Press (Restore Selected) to start restoring.

A new dialogue box will show up:

5- Introduction: Definition of the dialogue box and its job, press (Next).

- Host:

  • Restore to Original Host: to restore the database to the same (default) server.
  • Restore to Alternate Agent: to restore the database to another server.

- Authentication:

  • Use Original Authentication Credentials: to use the same data of the registered (default) MySQL root password.
  • Specify Alternate Authentication Credentials: to use other authentication data to access the database server.

- Temporary Instance :

  • Use Default Temp Directory: to use the default tmp folder of the (default) database server.
  •  Specify an Alternate Temp Directory: to use another tmp folder.

- Data Directory/Base Directory:

  • Use Discovered Base/Data Directory: to use the default Base/Data folder that will be automatically searched for in database server settings.
  • Specify a Base/Data Directory to use: to select the Base/Data folder path manually for the database server.

6- Press (Restore). 

In case of restoring the backup for the databases by copying the database folder, you can restore it using the normal way of restoring a backup for files.

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