Dimofinf Engineer v1.0


What is Dimofinf Engineer?


It’s a desktop application specially designed for hosting service customers in Dimofinf, who face (DNS Cache) problems after transferring their websites to Dimofinf servers. It helps handling problems automatically in the client’s device, as a result of not updating cache of communication service providers or another cache stored in the client’s device.


What are Dimofinf Engineer properties?


  1. The application is able to modify the (hosts) file in the operating system directly, where you can type the domain and the IP address to be added to the file, and they will be added directly by the application.
  2. Creating (Flush DNS) to delete the internal cache from the device.
  3. Executing the (Ping, Traceroute) commands directly by the application without going to the command-line.

What are the requirements for launching Dimofinf Engineer?

The application is working on the operating system (Windows) with the following versions:

  1. - Windows XP
  2. - Windows Vista
  3. - Windows 7
  4. - Windows 8

You should run the program with the user name (Administrator) or with the privileges of (Administrator) by right-clicking and choosing (Run as administrator).



The program installation tutorial:

  1. Download the application from this link.
  2. Unzip the file DimofinfEngineerv1.0.zip, then run the file DimofinfEngineerv1.0.exe.
  3. Follow the shown installation steps and press (Next) until you finish or change what is required.
  4. Once you finish installation, you can launch the program by choosing (Dimofinf Engineer) icon from desktop if you activate the option (Create a desktop icon), or from (Start) menu; noting that the program will be launched directly if you choose (Launch Dimofinf Engineer).

The program usage tutorial:

  1. After launching the program, you will find the following interface:


2.To update the (hosts) file, please enter the required domain in the (Domain Name) field and enter the server IP in the (Server IP) field, then press (Update).

3.To delete (DNS Cache) from your device, please press (Flush DNS).

4.To create (Ping, Traceroute), please enter the domain in its field, then press the button (Ping) or (Traceroute). The results will be displayed in a new window.

Note: The property (Traceroute) may take about 60 minutes for the results to show up on the application; noting that it depends on your connection speed.

6.For more information about the program, press (About).

7.To exit the program, press (Quit).

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