Features of Shared Hosting That Can not Be Activated


Dimofinf is always providing the required and necessary features for shared hosting environment, which is qualified for the most of scripts and softwares to work on. However, there are some features that can’t be activated for many reasons, including that they are useless, and they can be used in a way that negatively affects the performance or the data of the server, etc.

These features, which can’t be changed for the shared hosting environment, are divided as follows:


  • Adding domains as Addon/Parked domains that are not directed to Dimofinf Name Servers. (Disabled)
  • Adding domains as Addon/Parked domains that are owned by other clients on the same hosting. (Disabled)


  • Mailman (Disabled)

Programs and Services:

  • Scheduled tasks (Disabled)
  • Viruses scanner (Disabled)
  • Perl Modules (Disabled)
  • Ruby Modules (Disabled)
  • CGI support (Disabled)
  • PostgreSQL (Disabled)
  • SSH support (Disabled)
  • Browsing by IP (Disabled)

PHP engine and web server

  • Override via .htaccess isn’t allowed, such as using php_value and php_flag or using private php.ini.


  • External connection (Disabled)


  • Third-party programs can’t be installed on shared hosting environment.
  • All these features can be fully edited for dedicated servers.


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