Earn Money from Your Website Using AdDollars Application

AdDollars is an advertising application that allows you to earn money from your website or your blog by adding in-text advertising to the content published on your website, as shown in the following example:


You won’t need to make any programming changes to your website; as the process of adding advertising will be automatic, just follow these steps to launch the application:

- Login to the control panel.

- Choose (Google Website Services) from (SEO and Marketing Tools) block.


  • Choose (Generate Income) from the left menu.


- Choose the (AdDollars) application.


- Agree to the Terms of Service, then press (Create my AdDollars account).


  • A message will show up that the application has been installed successfully.


- After 72 hours, you will receive a message via your email to completely activate the application and launch it on your website if it’s complying with launch conditions.

View credit and clicking statistics:

Through the AdDollars page, you will see a statistic of the clicks number and the total profit you have achieved.


Once the credit becomes 50$, a new option will show up on the same page, enabling you to request sending the money to the address you will enter in your payment data.

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