What is Attracta? and how does it work?


What is Attracta?

Attracta is a program that provides marketing and SEO services, and aims to improve the website performance in the search engines, where the tools archive all the website pages along with the pages that can’t be reached by the normal spiders. Then, it creates XML Sitemap automatically and submits it directly to the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and ASK in order to improve your website appearance in the search engines and increase Page Rank.


Features of Attracta Service:

- Increasing archiving and Page Rank of the website in the search engines.

- Preparing a Sitemap of the entire website and submitting it periodically to more than 100 search engines.

-  Google Blacklist Check property: It ensures that the website isn’t classified by the Google search engine as a malicious website or includes viruses, spywares and malwares to avoid blocking your website search results from the Google search engine.

- Get in Google property: It’s the main property of Attracta program, where you can create a detailed XML Sitemap for your account with one click using Attracta advanced spiders. This sitemap includes each page and each section of the website and submits them directly to the search engines, such as Google, Bing, ASK and Yahoo.

- Link Building property: It’s one of the most popular SEO methods, where it creates links for a website inside other websites on the network.

- See Your New Listings property: Once you have used the three previous properties, you can see a direct result of using Attracta program in the search engines.

- Applications support: Attracta program supports installing applications within your website with one click without having to edit any code in the website. Some examples of the supported applications include (Google webmasters, Google Analytics, SEO Toolbar) and many other applications.

- Earn Money from your website: There are a lot of applications that enable you to earn money from your website like pay-per-click advertising, for example: VigLink and AdDollars applications.


Dimofinf As an Official Partner of Attracta Company:


As an official partner of Attracta, this allows the two parties to merge their services together, where Dimofinf has cooperated with Attracta by merging their services together to improve archiving and leverage the marketing features along with our SEO Hosting services. We also totally prepared Dimofinf servers to be able to work with Attracta without any problems. Thus, the client can enjoy the two services together without paying any further amounts for launching. Not only that, but also we offer the full technical support for the service (only for Dimofinf customers).

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