What are the supported control panels?

DimofinfBS supports the most popular control panels such as Plesk and cPanel; this enables the clients and users of these panels to:

  • Login automatically to DimofinfBS GUI panel with the control panel user’s data.
  • Restore the files by the client without requesting help from technical support officials.

So, it saves time and effort for your clients and technical support staff.

  • DimofinfBS supports the following control panels:

cPanel, Plesk, Ensim and DirectAdmin 

Features and properties:

1- Automatic restore:

It enables the users of the mentioned panels to login to DimofinfBS GUI, browse their files, select the ones to be restored and finally specify the files location whether it will be the original location or another one.

2- Restrict the user:

Users of control panels are restricted inside their website directory; so that they can’t see other users’ files.

3- Easy use:

DimofinfBS provides the GUI control panel that works on the web to allow you to control the backup server and implement restore processes.

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