Resources Usage



Cpanel allows you to know the resources consumption rate of CPU, memory of executed processes number.  

1- Login to Cpanel 

2- Press ( CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage) in the Metrics template. resource_usage_001

3- In case the resources are being consumed, a page of consumption rate will be showed up within the last 24 hours, in case of not, a message stating that there is no resources consumption of your website will appear. resource_usage_002


4- For more details, press (Details) and the website usage details will be shown

CPU Usage: 

  • I/O Usage: the rate of the website reading and writing per second measuring by KB.
  • IOPS: the number of reading and writing processes per second. 

Entry Processes: the number of processes. 

  • Number of processes: the total number of processes including all the executed ones by PHP and Cronjob and all the website processes. 


  • Physical memory Usage: the actual RAM usage. 
  •  Virtual memory Usage: the virtual RAM usage. 


Timeframe: to set the usage period (last 24 hours, last 7 days, etc.,)  

1- Set the required period from the dropdown menu

2- Press Submit 


Underneath Time frame, the graph is showing the usage rate of (CPU, RAM, processes and errors) 

CPU Usage: 

  • Avg CPU Usage : the average of CPU consumption 
  • Max CPU Usage : the maximum rate of the CPU rate
  • CPU Limit : the limited rate of usage 

Memory Usage: 

  • Avg MEM Usage : the average of memory usage
  • Max MEM Usage : the maximum average of memory
  • MEM Limit : the limited rate of memory

Processes Usage: 

  • Avg MEP : the average of executed processes number 
  • Max MEP  : the maximum number of executed processes
  • MEP Limit : the limit of executed processes

Usage Exceeding Errors: 

  • MEP Faults : the faults of processes numbers exceeding 
  • MEM Faults : the faults of memory usage exceeding 


Usage: at the end of the page, more details of the usage will be shown


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