Using Softaculous


What is Softaculous?


It’s an “unlimited hosting” tool that allows customers to install more than 200 scripts with just a single click through cPanel; noting that this tool includes free scripts, and other scripts that you have to buy their licenses before installation (paid).

1- Login to your Control Panel (cPanel).

2- Choose (Softaculous) from (Software) block.


 3- A menu of script ratings will be displayed, choose the proper rating then the script to be installed.

 4- A bar will be displayed at the top of the page that includes:

  • Overview: a brief about the script.
  • Features: features of the script.
  • Screenshots: screenshots of the script.
  • Demo: prototype version of a technology product.
  • Ratings: ratings of the script.
  • Reviews: users’ reviews about the script.
  • Import : to import the script from another path.
  • Install : to install the script. 

5- Press the button (Install) in the previous bar.

  • To complete the installation steps, follow the below:

Software Setup: 

Choose the version you want to install: choose the required version of the script.

Choose Protocol: choose the required protocol.

(If you have SSL certificate, choose https to be used.)

Choose Domain: choose the required domain to install the script on. 

In Directory: choose the folder (path) to install the script on. 

For example: type mybb to install the script on the path (

Site Setting: 

Site Name: website name.

Site Description: This bar is used to add any needed description for the website. 

Enable Multisite (WPMU): feature which allows users to create a network of sites on a single WordPress installation. 

Admin Account: 

Admin Username

Admin Password

Admin Email

Choose Language: script installation language.

Select plugins:

 Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): is used to protect the site by limiting the numbers of login trials to avoid brute force attacks. 

 Classic Editor: is used to restore the previous editing.   

Advanced options: 

Database Name: is used to enter the name of the database to be created for the installation. 

Disable Update Notifications Emails: if this option is checked, no notification emails will be sent. 

Auto Upgrade: is used to automatically upgrade to the newest version. 

Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins: is used to automatically install the plugins to the installation version. 

Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes: the theme will be automatically upgraded after upgrading the installation. 

Backup Location: is used to choose the backup location.

Automated backups: is used to automatically backup the installation as per as the chosen frequency. 

Backup Rotation: when the backup rotation reaches the limits, the copies will be deleted and new ones will be added automatically. 


Email installation details to: the email to which installation data will be sent.

Press the button (Install).




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