How to Login to Your CPanel

As Dimofinf is committed to provide the best services, work for customer convenience and use the latest ways to provide hosting service; it has used for its servers the well-known control panel (CPanel).



It’s characterized by its easiness, outstanding performance and high stability; it’s also designed to fit websites owners’ needs with a simple and easy graphical interface to execute a lot of tasks, such as: 

(email, files management, FTP accounts management, databases, website statistics, and more).


After reservation and activating your account, you will receive the data as follows:


Domain: Your website domain

Username: CPanel username

Password: CPanel password

How to login to your Control Panel (CPanel)?

1- Open this link: (consider replacing with your website domain name.)


2- Enter your username and password.

3- Press (Log in).

You are logged in successfully.


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