Modifying Templates

Brief: the below tutorial helps you to view, edit, and add style templates.  

1- Login to Cpanel 

2- From the side list, select (Styles & layout) > (Styles) >then ( List) as the picture below: 


 3- A list of styles titles, select the style you want to edit its templates, and press (Design) as below: 

4- A list will be appeared above including all style templates, choose the template you want to edit , then press (Display) as below: 

5- Edit the template you have selected, then press (Edit) to save. 

 There are two icons at the bottom of every template; 

  • Edit: is used to save the modifications and approve them after editing. 
  • Delete: is used to delete the template. 

 If the template is edited, three additional icons will appear as shown in the below picture: 

  • View previous: is viewing the previous template before editing in a seperate screen, so you can check and compare modifications. 
  • View Default: is viewing the basic template before any editing in a seperate screen, so you can copy and make use of it.  
  • RollBack: is restoring and approving the previous template before being modified. 
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