Users layout

Brief: Dimofinf CMS V.4 enables every sery to create and organize his own layout as per his requirements and priorities. 

1- Login to Cpanel 

2- From the side list, select (Styles & Layout) >(Layout Formation) >  then (list Users Layouts)


3- The user layouts list will be shown as below: 

  Firstly: List Layout

Press (view) as shown in the below picture: 

 Secondly: Edit the layout:

Press edit as shown in below: 

The selected layout will be reviewed as the below picture: 


The previous picture is a small part of the layout due to its big size

1- Editable pages: The CMS main inner pages and and you can move between them by pressing the desired page as shown in the below picture:   

2- Devices used for editing: devices that able to edit the layout , to fit the device size, and you can select the desired device to be used as shown in the below picture: 

3-Moving Templates: Templates can be moved in the layout by (Drag and Drop) as shown in the below picture: 

4- Control the layout width: is used to zoom in or zoom out the viewing areas as the below picture: 

5-Activate or Deactivate templates: it enables to activate or deactivate the viewing of certain templates as shown in the below picture: 

6- Pin the viewing area: it enables to pin the viewing area, so only one area will be viewed as the below picture: 

Thirdly: Layout Control Options: 

Below the editing page of the layout, some properties are shown as the picture below: 

It is shown respectively as below: 

1- Save name: it enables to save the layout using a substituted name in order to be edited. The new name can be put in the name are beside (Save Name).  

2- Set  Default: it enables to set the layout as default without backing to the settings. 

3- Reset to Default: it enables to recover the previous layout before editing. 

4- Schedule on Weekday : it enables to schedule a day on which the default layout will be displayed. 

5- Submit: is to save the above settings. 

Fourthly: Delete layout: 

1- Login the CPanel

2- From the side list, choose (Style & layout) > (Layout information)> (List layouts) as shown in the below picture: 


3- Press (Delete) as shown below: 

4- This message will appear, press (OK) to delete as below: 


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