Ckeditor Plugin

Brief: this plugin enables you to easily edit your website contents. 


Firstly: ckeditor plugin settings: 

1-Log In to the control panel

2-From the setting list, select (Plugins settings) as the below picture: 

3-A list will show up, choose (ckeditor settings) as shown below: 

The below setting options will show up: 

-Enable CKEditor: activate or deactivate this plugin. 

-CKEditor Position: set the location of the toolbar to be at the top or bottom of the ckeditor. 

-CKEditor Skin: choose the required style. 

-CKEditor Background color: set the colour of the ckeditor background. 

-CKEditor Language: choose a language from the 5 valid ons which include Arabic. 

-Maximum file OR Image size in megabytes: set the maximum size of the uploaded files. 

-Fonts Editor: these are the valid languages in this editor. 

After adjusting the above mentioned settings, the editor is displayed as shown below: 

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