Ask Plugin


Brief: this plugin enables website members to exchange questions, and any visitor can ask members as well without showing his identity which makes this plugin exactly looks like website. 


Firstly: Ask Plugin Settings: 

From the control panel> select settings> plugins settings> then ask setting as the picture below:



The below template will show up: 

Firstly: General Settings: 


-Activate Ask: to activate or deactivate the plugin. 

-Maximum characters for questions and answers: set the maximum number of questions and answers. If this number is exceeded, the added content will not be accepted. 

-Show questions list on side menu: press (yes), so the plugin is included in the modules list. 

-Number of contents on show questions page: set the number of contents displayed on each page. For example, if there are 100 questions, and you want to display 20 per page, so there will be 5 pages of the plugin.  A numbered list of pages will be shown below. 

-Maximum size of uploaded image: any uploaded picture with the content will be resized accordingly. 


Secondly: Blocks Settings: 

-Number of questions in wall block: set the number of questions to be displayed on the block wall. 

-Number of days to consider question new: in (questions wall) block, the question from the followed members side are shown above other member questions even if they are earlier. Use this feature to set the number of days to consider the added question as new, so it will be initially shown.

Press (Edit Settings) to save. 


Secondly: Adding Questions: 

-To ask any member, enter to his profile and press (ask me).

-A new window will be shown, add the question title and content. You can hide your name as well by activating the option.

-After pressing (Submit), the member will receive the question and be notified. 

Thirdly: The plugin displaying method on the website: 

The block (ask) can be added to any location on the website using the default layout, for more details, click here 

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