Company Services


Brief: this module helps you to add your company services, and divide them into categories to be displayed uniquely. 

Add Service: 

Add a new service using the control panel by following the below tutorial: 

From the control panel, select (modules)> (company)> (company services)> then add (category) so you don’t add service before adding (category) to belong to: 


The below picture will show up: 

Press (Add Category), and the below box will show up: 

Enter the category name to which the service belongs to, and press (submit) to save or (rest) to enter new data. 

After adding the category, you can now add included services as shown below: 

Press (Add) button existed in the category as the below picture: 

Or press (Add) button existed in the list as below: 

In both cases, the below template will show up: 

-Title: write down the service name. 

-Section: select the section to which the service belongs to. 

-Brief: enter a brief about the service and use the editor to align it. 

-Content: enter more details about the service and use the editor for alignment as well. 

-Picture: upload a picture that is compatible with the service type. 

-Pick An Icon: choose an icon for the service, noting that dimofinf provides many icons to choose from, and you can search for the request one as well. 

-Service fees: add the service price to be shown to the website visitors. 

Press (Submit) to save, or (Reset) to enter new data. 

To edit service, press (company services) >then (list) as the below picture: 

The service list will be shown as below: 

Press (view) and you will be transferred to the service page on the website. 

Press (edit) to modify the required service. 

You can also delete the service by pressing the icon (delete). 


Or you can delete multiple services at the same time by pressing the button (select) beside each one, or press (select all) then (delete) at the bottom of the page to delete all services. 

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