Edit or Delete Content


Brief: you may need to edit reservations after being published. Editing can be tackled using the control panel or the website it self in case you are permitted to edit the published ones.

Firstly: to edit or delete reservations using the control panel, follow the below steps: 

From modules list, select (Reservations)> (List Sections) as the below picture> a list of section will appear, > press list in front of the required section: 

Several icons in front of the content such as comments, replies,and pingbacks will be shown. Adding to icons like view, edit, delete schedule. 

Press (Edit) for any required adjustments. 

If there are any previous reservations, two icons will be shown like (pending and list) as the below picture: 

The icon (List) is used for confirmed reservations, and the icon (Pending) for the not confirmed reservations yet. 

In case of editing the contents from the website directly, follow the below: 

Enter to the content page, beneath the content, there are two icons; (edit) and (delete) as the below picture: 

Press (Edit) and the editing template with all its fields will show up. And if you press (Delete) the content will be omitted. 

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