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Mohammad AlkhayatMohammad Alkhayat, Founder and GM
Mr. Mohammad Alkhayat is the founder of Dimofinf. He has been a pioneer in offering some of the first programming and design services since 1998 especially that he has developed several unique software programs and applications for many major websites. He has a significant experience in the field of management and a wide-ranging technical expertise in programming (using multiple programming languages), web application development and server environments. He directs the company’s broad vision and strategic plans.

Mustafa AlbazyMustafa Albazy, Chief Research and Development Officer
Mr. Albazy started in Dimofinf as an employee in our hosting and servers division then as a manager for the same division then as The Operations Manager and now he is The Research and Development Manager. Mr. Albazy is a specialist in Information Security and Enterprise IT Infrastructures.

Ramy AllamRamy Allam, Hosting Division Manager
Mr. Allam has joined Dimofinf in 2010. He first served as an employee in our hosting division then as a vice head for the same division until finally becoming its current head. Since 2005, he has been involved in operating systems management, open-source software applications and web-development. He works according to a set of clear objectives and standards established to guarantee the best possible performance and service to clients subscribed in our different hosting packages. His responsibilities include the continuous development and improvement of the hosting division and supervising its daily operations ensuring the outcome is always up to our high standards and our clients’ expectations.

Youssef NosshyYoussef Nosshy, Business Development Manager
Mr. Nosshy has been involved in the IT field since 2006, he has a significant technical experience in this field. He has joined our team in the beginning of 2011. He first served as an employee in the technical support division then became its head then he held the position of Vice Executive Director for Technical Affairs now in 2013 he holds the position of Business Development Manager.

Abed Allah SaidAbed Allah Said, Operations Manager
Mr. Abed works in web applications field since 2006, he has significant technical experience in this field, He joined Dimofinf in the beginning of 2011 as The Customer Services Manger then as The Quality Control and Follow Up Manger then as The Internal Development Manager, he also worked in the hosting division for some time then back to the position of The Customer Service and Quality Control Manager and finally in the beginning of 2013 he became The Operations Manager.