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Following is a list with the most common questions and their answers. They are classified in a way that makes the information you search more accessible and easy to find. If you still do not find what you are looking for, please contact our customer service department .

 Customer Service

How can I order DimofinfCMS?

You can do so using the Shopping Cart link in the DimofinfCMS department of our website.

Can I respond to your emails directly through the "Reply" button?

No, you should always use the link of the ticket attached to our e-mail messages.

Should I open a new ticket then?

No, the ticket link attached to our e-mail messages redirects you back to the same order; you should then follow up on it through this link (always attached to our messages).

What is the next step after the confirmation of my deposit?

Once we receive your order including the information of your deposit confirmation, we will look up your money transfer in our bank accounts based on the information you have provided in the order form. When we receive your payment, a message will be sent to you with the link of a new ticket opened to you, you can also access this ticket in your control panel at our website. In the ticket, you will be asked to provide some information regarding your website (this information vary according to your order; it helps us to process the specified order/request more smoothly). You will then be able to follow up on your order until its completion. Please respond as soon as you can to the above-mentioned message, with the necessary information, to prevent any delay in processing your order.

Is there any action I can take afterwards?

Yes, while waiting, you should regularly check your e-mail/your ticket. If your order is about an end user license without installation, you will get instructions from Dimofinf in your ticket explaining how to install DimofinfCMS on your website. However, if your order is about an end user license with installation, DimofinfCMS will be installed on your website and you will be also provided the information of DimofinfCMS control panel so you can manage your website.

How long does it take to process my order for DimofinfCMS?

The speed of processing your order depends on the payment method used. Generally, international payments (from outside KSA) take longer than local payments and it also depends on the place of your order in our queue. Dimofinf orders can be orders of end user license without installation, orders of end user license with installation or of end user license with hosting and domains. All these orders are processed according to a strict schedule where each order is scheduled once received (not before). Generally, these orders are processed within 24 hours except for some rare cases that usually take place because the client did not respond to the ticket using the ticket link (always attached to our e-mail messages sent to him); or because Dimofinf requirements were not available on the hosting server or other similar reasons.

How important is the availability of DimofinfCMS requirements on the hosting server?

If any of the requirements is not available on the server, an installation issue will appear and we will not be able to install DimofinfCMS; this in case your order includes installation. If so, the period granted to you by Dimofinf to install the software on your behalf expires; you will be then provided with the necessary instructions and the link to install the software by yourself. If you would like later that we install DimofinfCMS for you after meeting the requirements by your hosting service provider, you will have to do a new payment for installation.

How do I know if my web hosting provider provides DimofinfCMS requirements?

You can use " DimofinfCMS requirements test " and make the link of the test file available to your hosting provider to check the compatibility of DimofinfCMS with the server.

What are the most important requirements?

The most important requirements that the service should have (considering that these requirements are available on all of our hosting services), are:

My hosting provider does not provide a cPanel, can Dimofinf still install DimofinfCMS?

The installation service we provide is only for the websites that use cPanel; you can still require a license without installation though.

Can I get a trial version of DimofinfCMS?

No trial version is available for our latest release: DimofinfCMS v.3.0.0. However, you can install, to your website, a 60 days trial version of the prior version DimofinfCMS v.2.0.5 through the download library of our website. The software will stop working automatically after 60 days; you can then either purchase a license that will enable you to upgrade the software to its latest version without losing any contents you have added, or you can reinstall a new copy of the most updated version after you get a license for it. Please note that you can also review a “Demo” of the latest version of DimofinfCMS.

I have many licenses of Dimofinf, when I renew one license do the others get renewed automatically?

No, if you renew one license, the renewal will only cover this license. You cannot renew all of your licenses based on the renewal of one of them; the renewal of your licenses must be done separately: a separate renewal for each license. This is mainly to continue receiving the most updated releases for the licensed websites.


What is the price of DimofinfCMS license?

Please visit DimofinfCMS department in our website to review the pricing of our services.

You can also order a license for DimofinfCMS with hosting and domain through the Shopping Cart link at our website.

Why should I renew the end user license, doesn’t a license entitle me to the infinite use of the software?

Yes, your purchase of an end user license for DimofinfCMS means you own this license forever and you are accordingly entitled to run the licensed software on your website infinitely. However, as you get an end user license, you also get an upgrade license, with it, which enables you to upgrade your software for free for one year whenever any new version is released; later you have the option to renew this upgrade license. Actually, after one year of your license, you will have two options:

- To continue using the same version you have got the license for.
- To renew the upgrade license for a new year so you can get the upgraded versions of the software released during the year of the upgrade license.

Do you offer a discount for non-profit, charitable or educational websites?

No, we do not offer a discount for any of these categories.

In case I promote your products/services, do you offer a discount in return?

No, currently there is no discount offered for promoting our products/services.

Do you have any official agents or any resellers accredited by you?

No, we do not have any resellers, agents or representatives accredited by us. You can only buy DimofinfCMS license through DIMOFINF.NET. If you would like to establish any commercial relationship with us, please contact our customer support division.

I have trouble downloading the software, what should I do?

Please make sure you are connected to the internet and that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not facing any issues either. Moreover, please check the settings of your PC, especially the settings of your firewall. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service division .

Can I remove the logo of DimofinfCMS or the copyright notice from the footer of DimofinfCMS pages?

No, removing the copyright notice, modifying it partially or totally or coloring it to hide it render the service contract and the license null. This is according to the Terms of Service agreement that is considered a binding agreement once you approve it while purchasing the license.

I have purchased a license of DimofinfCMS; can I install two copies of the software on my website?

You can install only one copy for every valid license (even if you would like to install both copies on the same domain name or the same server name). For example, if you would like to install one copy of Dimofinf for:

and another copy for:
you should in this case purchase two licenses; for more information please visit the Terms of Services page.

Can I request the transfer of the license to another domain?

In case the client submits a request to transfer a DimofinfCMS license to another domain it must be at least after three months since he purchased the license, the license should not be expired and the client does not have the right to submit such a request more than one time. Please, review our Terms of Service .

Does the license’s price include getting the source code?

No, DimofinfCMS is not open-source software and you will not need to modify its programming because you can modify the style templates, transfer the contents and fully manage them, their display and appearance easily and through many ways as long as you do not remove or modify the copyright notice. Moreover, you can program additional blocks using the instructions and tutorials in the knowledge base considering that we cannot provide technical support for the add-ons that are not officially programmed by Dimofinf and we are not responsible for such add-ons. Please review our Terms of Service.


Is DimofinfCMS only compatible with Dimofinf hosting?

DimofinfCMS is compatible with Dimofinf hosting and any hosting by another provider that makes the necessary requirements available so that DimofinfCMS works properly on the server.

Does the software include a license to use PHP and MySQL?

PHP and MySQL are available on the internet free of charge at php.net and mysql.com.
Please, click here to review the license terms of PHP.
Please, click here to review the license terms of MySQL.

What are the system requirements for DimofinfCMS?

The minimum requirements:
DimofinfCMS is designed to run on any server with PHP 5.0.0 or higher and MySQL 4.0.16 or higher yet we highly recommend PHP 5.1.2. or higher and MySQL 5.0.19 or higher.

In addition, DimofinfCMS run on the following systems: UNIX, Windows™ 98/NT/2000/XP.

Please note that:
We recommend that you contact your web hosting provider to make sure of the availability of the requirements of DimofinfCMS on your website.

How difficult is to use the software? Do I need to have any specific experience?

Dimofinf is easy to use, no prior experience in programming languages or databases is needed; all the tools needed to manage your website are, in a simplified way, available in the administrator’s control panel. If you have any inquiries, we will be pleased to help you through our knowledge base.

What is the space required to run DimofinfCMS on my website?

There are two different types of space required to run DimofinfCMS on your website:
- The website space
- The databases space

The size of DimofinfCMS files and images, when installed, is approximately 17Mb
The size of DimofinfCMS databases, when installed, is approximately 6.4Mb
After that the usage of your website and databases depends on the sections and contents (of different types) created by the web administrator.

Can I transfer DimofinfCMS from a server to another one?

Yes, you can move DimofinfCMS by the server administrator from a server to another through the SSH as long as the domain name of the licensed website will not be changed.

What are the PHP files that I need to keep copies of?

We always recommend keeping a copy of the following file:


Is Dimofinf compatible with NT/IIS/Solaris/Unix/Linux servers and other types?

DimofinfCMS is compatible with any server that supports PHP and MySQL databases.

Is Dimofinf compatible with Oracle/Sybase/MS SQL databases and other types?

DimofinfCMS is only compatible with MySQL databases.

Is there a copy of DimofinfCMS in ASP language?

Currently, we do not provide a version of DimofinfCMS in ASP. If you would like to run DimofinfCMS on Windows server, you can do so by using the WIN32 version, PHP and MySQL.

Is there a copy of DimofinfCMS in English, Italian, French, German or any other languages?

Yes, DimofinfCMS is available in English and Arabic and can be translated to any other language.

Can I with the same license install two copies of DimofinfCMS on my website: an Arabic copy and an English one?

No you cannot install two copies as long as you have only one license. If you would like to install more than a copy on your website for any reason, you should have a separate license for each. Hence, if you would like to install one copy in English and another in Arabic, which means two copies, you should have a separate license for each of them.

Can I get contents from other Content Management Systems or other scripts to DimofinfCMS?

No, currently the option to import contents (files, news, articles, texts, videos, audio, images) to DimofinfCMS in an automated way is not available, but we are working on it and will announce it once available.


How can I review my services and invoices?

Through your account at Dimofinf you can review all of this by login to the Client Area with your user details.

How can I change my e-mail address I provided when I registered?

You can change your login data at any time through your control panel in our website.


How can I report websites that use or sell pirated licenses of DimofinfCMS?

To report websites that use DimofinfCMS illegally, please contact our customer service division We will take the issue seriously as we appreciate much your help in supporting our efforts in eliminating the piracy of our website; please consider that we will ensure the confidentiality of your information.

Please note that we will not be able to respond to piracy reports if the reported website is legally licensed or that some action has been taken due to privacy reasons but we always take your reports seriously and try to investigate it as soon as we can.