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$8.00 Annually

ID Protect

International rules require that valid contact information (known as Whois) is available for every domain name. ID Protect cloaks your identity and provides proxy contact information in the Whois.
Open a ticket with customer service after the request to activate the service


Theft Protection

Dimofinf Theft Protection provides security against any theft attempts:
Domain cannot be transferred unless a request is made by the client himself through the Client Area.
Domain CANNOT be unlocked except by Dimofinf, even the client himself cannot unlock it. However, in the normal mode the client can unlock the domain through the Client Area and the domain controls.
The client should enter the answer to the security question of his Dimofinf account in order to approve the request of unlocking the domain.
This service is available for all the domains registered by us or the domains transferred to us whether the domain is hosted by us or by any other company.

Client Identity Verification:

Our client’s identity is verified through his answer to the security question of his Dimofinf account. Nobody can modify this answer but the client himself/herself even if another person gets the client’s login details, hacks his e-mail or accesses his account (e-mail or Dimofinf account) from a public PC in case the client has forgotten to sign out.
Please note that this service will never affect the domain.

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