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Dimofinf Backup Service

Dimofinf provides DimofinfBS service (Advanced Remote backup ) in one of the following :

 Backup plans

Remotely saves a backup of your server (files/Databases) partitions [ ? ] on our backup network, through a backup plan which you will choose to suits the size for your server, Your server could be hosted on our datacenter or any other datacenter worldwide.

 More options

 Recommended for :
Who are searching for a little space with a little cost and has only one server.

 Backup servers

Remotely saves a backup of your "server/servers" (files/Databases) partitions [ ? ] on our backup network, through your Dedicated backup server, A server you own alone, You have the ability to use all the server's resources and disk space.
It is the best solution for hosting service providers or who have a huge amount of disk space on one or multiple servers.

 More options

 Recommended for :
Who have many Dedicated server , +5 servers
Who want to use this service commercially, You may divide the server into spaces and backup plans and provide the service to your dedicated servers customers.

Advanced backup service DimofinfBS is a paid service , But is totally free for Dimofinf Shared hosting customers.

For further details Click here to read the documentation.

DimofinfBS top features

Best way to manage unlimited servers.
Graphical user interface to control accounts.
Automatic backup with multiple timing/restore points.
Supports Control panels ( cPanel , Plesk ..etc ).
supports Data encryption .
User system with policy limits.
Support Backup and secured standards.
Support fully restore in disaster cases.

Benefiting from this service

Companies and institutions.
Hosting services providers.
Huge sites ( Dedicated server or more )
Dedicated servers.
Virtual private servers.
Shared hosting.

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