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Website Design

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web hosting

Web Hosting

Book the best web hosting offers on the 90th Saudi National Day with discounts of up to 90%

Linux Shared Hosting

Enjoy special discount on all hosting plans for one year
and other free features:
- Protection against DDOS attacks
- Free SSL certificates
- Content delivery from cloud flare
- up to

Shared hosting plan + domain

Unlimited shared hosting plan for one year
+ Domain (com - .org - .net)

65$ 95$
Email Exchange

Discount on emails plans
for 3 months up to 10%


Discount on emails plans
for 6 months up to 15%

Windows Shared Hosting

Enjoy special discount on all hosting plans for one year
and other free features:
- Free CloudFlare service
- Protection against DDOS
- Free SSL certificates
- up to

Digital Marketing

Start your business online via digital marketing campaigns with special plans from Dimofinf

Search Engine Optimization

Discount up to 15%

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

- Search for frequently used words in the field.
- Consider the target audience and their interests.
- Analyze strength and weakness points of the competitors.
- Write a worthy content that is compatible with the field and target audience interests, and develop a stronger strategy after making use of the competitor’s mistakes and weakness points.
- Build a legal back links.
- Optimize your website for the first page of search engine.

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Social media
Marketing Campaign

Prices start from 1000 RS

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Social media Marketing Campaigns

- Strategic plan for every social media channel.
- Monthly calendar of ideas and contents.
- Manage social media platforms 5 days a week.
- Full analysis of the competitors’ social media platforms.
- Reach the largest number of target audience.
- Target the suitable segment for each field for better results.
- Design proper posts for every field.
- Detailed Report on a quarterly basis.

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Google Adword

Discount up to 15%

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Google Adword Campaigns

- Define the most significant and frequently searched for words in the field.
- Analyze the competitors’ Google Adword.
- Analyze the needs, and interests of the target audience.
- Create professional design for the products.
- Follow up and analyze campaign to determine its initial results, so that we can achieve the highest rate of reach and engagement with the lowest cost.
- Send a report on a monthly basis.

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