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i Style
CMS Without Control panel Control panel Control panel Control panel
Technical Support 14 Days 30 Days 365 Days
i Free Plugins 2 Plugins 4 Plugins
i Free Modules 1 Module 2 Modules
i ID Design 10% off
i Domain
Hosting One year One year One year
Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now

Only for Dimofinf CMS current clients

You can upgrade from any previous version to Dimofinf V.5 promptly with less effort and special prices, adding to “C” category style for free.

Add other services to your package

There are various services that you can get with special prices while you are ordering Dimofing V.5 package, for example:

i Every service cost is added to your package.

Dimofinf Store

This store provides numerous plugins, modules, and styles that fit all fields to create and develop your website.

Find out about Dimofinf CMS V.5

Dimofinf CMS V.5 is friendly-used as it allows premises and projects owners to design their website on their own without a need of programmers or designers. It allows them to completely manage the website with all permissions and facilities they may need.

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