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Dimofinf V.5

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There are many explanations that have been implemented to include the details of Dimofinf 5.

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Dimofinf V.5 VS. Dimofinf V.4

Know the latest developments of the newly launched version

Dimofinf v4 Dimofinf v5
Compatible dashboard Not responsive to all devices responsive to all devices
E-Center Limited capabilities fully developed
Live mode Not avilable there is a live mode that enables you to take full control of your site
Menus Limited capabilities fully developed
API Limited capabilities including the entire program in addition to modules and plugins
Cache system Limited capabilities strong and integrated multiple systems
Styles Limited number A large number of compatible and modern and trendy styles
Notifications Limited Compatible with both browser alerts
Modules and plugins Limited number a large number that covers a lot of specialties in various fields

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