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Add-ons(Views: 9724)

   Add-Ons: DimofinfBS contains add-ons service (these add-ons add...

Backup and Restore Mechanism(Views: 8246)

Backup and Restore Mechanism Dimofinf Backup Mechanism DimofinfBS offers excellent...

BMR Definition(Views: 13036)

  BMR Definition BMR stands for Bare-Metal Restore, it does not have any exact...

Client Program Information(Views: 12934)

  Client Program Information  Client program (Client) also known as...

Features(Views: 9405)

  Features: To get information about DimofinfBS features please got to DimofinfBS...

Preface(Views: 8851)

  Preface DimofinfBS is considered a pioneered backup service in the Arabic...