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Date and Time

Date and Time

                To access these options follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Date and Time Options

You will see the following options

  • Years Extension

You can determine how many years to show before and after the date (that will appear in the date menu) for example if you choose 10 and the current year was 2010 you will have the option to choose from 2000 to 2020.


  • Date Method

You can choose the date you want to use (either Hijri or Solar), you can also edit months and days names using “Date Global phrases” in language.


  • Use Hijri Names

Enable this option if you choose Hijri date in the previous option, this will include the names (full/abbreviated) for days and months.


  • Datestamp Display Option

This option allows you to control the way date is displayed in Dimofinf CMS, there are 3 choices which are:

  1. Normal (see “Format for Date” in the next point).
  2. Yesterday/Today (It will display “Yesterday” or “Today” depending on the suitable day).
  3. Detailed (It will show the time such as: 1 Minute Ago, 1 Hour Ago, 1 Day Ago, 1 Week Ago).


  • Format for Date

There are many forms for displaying time on Dimofinf CMS pages, you can visit the following site for details

For example:

The American system m-d-y, 10-17-03

Another American system F jS, Y, March 17th, 2010

European System d-m-y, 10-03-17

Another European system jS F Y, 17th March 2010


  • Format For Time

There are many forms for displaying time on Dimofinf pages, you can visit the following site for details


For example:

AM/PM system, h:i A, 11:15 PM

24 Hours system, H:i , 23:15


  • Time Zone Offset

You can determine the default time difference depending on the country you live in.


  • Enable Daylight Savings

If the daylight saving time is the official time in the region you choose in ‘Time Zone Offset’ option, please enable this option so the time is displayed correctly in (news, articles, comments…etc.).


  • Start of the Week

You can set the week start day depending on the country you live in.



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