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Media Player

Media Player

To access these options follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Media Player Options

You will see the following options:

  • Player Start Image

You can choose an image from your machine and upload it to the site if you want it to be displayed when the file starts.


  • Show Watermark Logo on Player

This option allows you to enable or disable displaying the watermark logo on the player.


  • Allow Full Screen

When enabled an option to view the player in full screen will be displayed for the visitor.


  • Auto Start

When enabled the program will start playing the file once opened


  • Mute The Player on Startup

When enabled the player will start with sound disabled


  • Use High Quality Playback

In case you use “Yes” the files will play in HD.


  • Resize Mode of Display Content

Uniform (default)


  • Position of the Control Bar

Where to place the control bar when openingthe media (bottom, over, and none).


  • Link to an External site

You can add a link to an external site to activate its icon in the player.


  • Target Frame to Open External Links in

You can set where to open the external link, there are many default options.


  • Player Background Color

You can set the background color of the control bar and the start menu, this can be done by adding the color code by double clicking inside the color box then choose the color you want.

  • Player Icon/Text Color

The color settings for all the icons and texts in the control bar and the start menu


  • Player Rollover Color

Icons and text color for mouse rollovers.


  • Player Display Color

The background color of the player


  • Player Width (Pixels)

You can set the player width by changing the default number to the width that suits your site.


  • Player Height (Pixels)

You can set the player height by changing the default number to the height that suits your site.


  • Volume Control

You can control the sound volume of the player.


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