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Email Options

Email Options

                To access these options follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Email Options

A group of options will appear which are:

  • Mail Method

Choose one of the methods for sending emails to be used by Dimofinf CMS

The default for Linux servers is “MAIL” except if the host is using “SENDMAIL”, for windows servers or if you want to use an external mail provider like “Gmail” choose “SMTP” and fill in the below fields.


  • Number of Characters Before Wrapping Email Text

In case you choose100, 100 characters will be written in each line and after that it will start a new line.

Note: Leave it empty to disable text return.


  • Authentication Required

Choose “Yes” in case of using SMTP and your server requires authentication.


  • SMTP Username

In case of enabling SMTP you should type the username in this field.


  • SMTP Password

In case of enabling SMTP you should type the password in this field.


  • SMTP Host

In case of enabling SMTP set the server here, you may want to use the IP instead of the domain name for better performance, for example:

For better performance you can add more than one server for auto exchange in case of communication failure with one of these servers, for example:;

Press “?” to get more information.


  • SMTP Secure Connection

In case of enabling SMTP and your server requires secure connection please type the password here, please set the suitable settings, it is required that the php program in your server supports OpenSSL

Press “?” to get more information.


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