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Style, Language and Modules

Style, Language and Modules

                To access these options follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Style, Language and Modules

  • Default Control Panel Style

You can choose the style color to be used in the control panel of the site manager and the moderators.


  • Default Dimofinf Language

Choose the default language of Dimofinf CMS which will be used in all Dimofinf CMS sections and pages.

Note: If you changed the language you should change weather settings to be compatible with the language you choose.


  • Default Home Style

You can set the default style to be displayed in the home page (in case you added another style besides the default style).


  • Active Styles

You can allow the visitors to use multiple styles, this can be done by deciding which styles you wants the visitors to choose from.


  • Active Additional Modules

To delete a module select it from the left menu then press "Remove"

To add a module select it from the right menu then press “Add

Note: Using this method you can also change the display order of these modules in Dimofinf CMS interface.


  • Enabled Subscriptions Choices

You can set which modules will be available for subscription.





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