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                You can test the site to know whether certain general settings or PHP options needs to be enabled for Dimofinf CMS copy to work without problems.

You can access the test option from the path:

                Tools > Diagnostics

There are multiple tests and they are:

  • Uploading:

The reason why you need this test is to know if there are any Dimofinf/PHP options you need to edit for files uploading to work successfully, to start the test  add a small file using “Choose File” then press “Upload”, the file will not be stored it is only a test.

  • Email Address:

The aim of this test is to know whether there is a need to edit Dimofinf CMS options or PHP settings for the program to send emails.

To start simply type your email address that differ from the site email address for example Yahoo or Hotmail address then press “Send Email

  • System Information:

 This is not considered a test, however this property is very useful in tracking server failures, simply choose the suitable data for example: If you want to know MySQL Variables, MySQL Status or Tables Status, choose one of the options from the drop down menu then press “Submit

  • Directories/Files Permissions

The aim of this test is to determine whether there is any need to correct the access permission for certain directory or file, just press “Submit



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