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Hosting properties cannot be activated?

Dimofinf always work to provide the needed and necessary properties for shared hosting environment which allow the working of most scripts and software on its hosting servers, but there are some properties that cannot be activated for many reasons for example: it is not important to be used or for not using it in a way that negatively affect the server performance or data.

These properties are divided into the following: (and it cannot be changed in shared hosting environment)

Domains :

  • Adding domains in the form of Addon/Parked which are not directed to Dimofinf Name Servers (closed).

  • Adding domains in the form of Addon/Parked owned by other customers on the same hosting (closed).

Emails :

  • Mailman (closed).

Programs and services :

  • Scheduled Tasks (closed).

  • Antivirus Scanner (closed).

  • Perl Modules (closed).

  • Ruby Modules (closed).

  • CGI Support (closed).

  • PostgreSQL (closed).

  • SSH Support (closed).

  • Browse using IP (closed).

PHP engine and webserver :

  • Cannot make Override with .htaccess for example: Using php_value, php_flag or using private php.ini.

Database :
  • Remote connection (closed).


  • Installation of third party programs in not allowed in shared hosting environment.

  • All these properties can be fully changed on Dedicated Servers and Semi Dedicated Servers (SDS).

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