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How can I restore a database backup


How can I restore a database backup?

You can restore a database backup in case of enabling MySQL add-on, or in case the backup was for the partition that contains the database directory.

Restoring using MySQL Add-on:

  1. Login to the control panel

  2. Explore recovery points

  3. Choose the required database or table by checking the box besides it

  4. Press Restore Selected to start restore

A new dialogue box will appear

  1. Introduction: Information about the box and what it do, press Next

  • Host:

  • Restore to Original Host: To restore to the original server(the default)

  • Restore to Alternate Agent: To restore to another server

  • Authentication:

  • Use Original Authentication Credentials: Use the same recorded data for MySQL root password (the default).

  • Specify Alternate Authentication Credentials: Use another authentication data to access the database server.

  • Temporary Instance:

  • Use Default Temp Directory: Use the default database server tmp directory (the default).

  • Specify an Alternate Temp Directory: Use another tmp directory.

  • Data Directory/Base Directory:

  • Use Discovered Base/ Data Directory: Use the default Base/Data directory, it will be automatically retrieved from the database server settings

  • Specify a Base/Data Directory to use: Manually specify the database server Base/Data directory path

  1. Press Restore

In case of restoring database backup from database directory backup, use the regular way of Restoring Files Backup


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