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Adding Moderators

  • To add moderators, from the left menu of Dimofinf CMS control panel follow the path:

                Moderators > Add

Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:

  1. Name: Type the name in the specified place which will be used as a username for the moderator.
  2. Password: Type the password either characters or digits or both in the specified place which will be used as a password to login to the control panel.
  3. Email Address: Type the email address of the moderator, please note that in case the moderator entered his/her username or password incorrectly he/she will get an option to send his/her username and password to the specified email address.
  4. Phone/Mobile: Type the mobile number of the moderator as personal information of the moderator in case you wanted to contact him/her.
  5. Country: Choose the country the moderator belongs to from the drop down menu.
  6. City: Type the city the moderator belongs to.

Press Submit


  • To delete or edit moderators list follow the path:

Moderators > List

A list will be displayed with available moderators names, besides each name there are 2 icons, Delete and Edit, choose the suitable one for what you want to do.


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