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What are the supported control panels

What are the supported control panels?

DimofinfBS supports the most famous control panels such as: cPanel and Plesk, which allows your customers and users of such panels’ types to:

  • Auto login to DimofinfBS GUI panel using the user login data of the hosting control panel.

  • Restoring files by themselves without the need to request help from technical support employees.

And so you save your customers and technical support team time and effort.

DimofinfBS supports the following control panels:

cPanel, Plesk, Ensim and DirectAdmin

Properties and Features:

  1. Auto Restore:

 Allows the users of previously mentioned control panels to login to DimofinfBS GUI and browse their files, determine the required files to be restored, and lastly determine where to restore the files whether to the original location or another location.

  1. User Restriction:

Control panel users are restricted to their respective directories, and they cannot see the files of other users.

  1. Ease of Use:

DimofinfBS GUI provides control panel that works through web browser, it allow backup management and restore operations executions.





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