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The Backup Server Options


The Backup Server Options


  1. Login to the control panel

  2. From Configuration Choose Server Options


  • Console Communication Setup: Backup panel console settings

  • CDP Com Port: CDP communication port

  • Disk Usage Limits: Setting the disk usage limits

  • Limit Disk Space Available to CDP: The percentage of total allowable usage space

  • Warn When Disk Usage Exceeds: Warn when disk space usage exceeds 80% of the allowable disk space.

  • Task History Clean up: Remove previous tasks

  • Retain Task History for: Keep task history for 30 days

  • Cleanup Schedule: Edit task history cleanup schedule by pressing Edit Schedule

  • Task Schedule Options: Task schedule options

  • Maximum Simultaneous Disk Safe Tasks: Maximum number of tasks that can run at the same time

  • Maximum Simultaneous Restore Task: Maximum number of backup restore tasks that can run at the same time

  • Maximum Simultaneous Generic Tasks: Maximum number of regular tasks(neither restore or preparation of backup) that can run at the same time


SMTP Setup: SMTP server options, to be able to send server backup reports to some email

  • SMTP Host: SMTP host name

  • SMTP Default Return Address: The email address which will receive “Bounce messages”

  • SMTP Port: Communication port (25 is the default)

  • Use SMTP Authentication: Use email authentication data

  • SMTP Username: SMTP server username

  • SMTP Password: SMTP server password

  1. Press Save to save the settings

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