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Creating Backup Schedule Policy


Creating Backup Schedule Policy

You can schedule a backup for any one of your servers by creating a policy


  1. Login to the control panel

  2. From the left menu choose Policy

  1. Choose Create New Policy


A new page will appear, fill in the following fields:

  • Policy Settings:

  • Enabled: Enable/disable this schedule

  • Name: Schedule name

  • Description: Schedule description

  • Agent: The name of the server to be backed up

  • Disk Safe: Choose the Disk Safe to store the backup

  • Replication schedule: The required backup schedule

  • Data Retention:

  • Number of Recovery points to Retain: Maximum number of recovery points.

  • File Excludes: To exclude some files from being backed up

  • Advanced Excludes: Excluding files from being backed up using advanced options (such as excluding files with specific extensions zip, tar.gz …etc.)

  • Databases: Adding database server support extension to backup the databases using this schedule.

  • Control Panels: Adding control panels support such as cPanel

  1. Press Create when finished

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