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First Step: Getting CSR


First Step: Getting CSR

Order the certificate through Dimofinf Shopping Cart

We will provide you with a link that contains a form you should fill it out as in the following link:

Before you fill out the form, do the following:

First: Getting CSR

1-      Login to the control panel (cPanel)

2-      From Security block choose SSL/TLS Manager

3-      To create a private key, press

Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys

4-      At the end of the page  fill in the Host field with the domain you want to put the certificate on, then press Generate

5-      Go back to SSL/TLS Manager and choose

Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests

6-      Choose the Host you want to create the CSR for, type the required data and press Generate

7-      The CSR code will be displayed, copy it, to use it in filling the certificate preparation form



In case you want to make the certificate for the domain with www and without www,

Please type:

In the Host field

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