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How many sites I can host on a single server?


Explore and Restore Data using the cPanel


  1. Login to the control panel (cPanel)

  2. From Files Choose DimofinfBS

  1. You will be auto redirected to DimofinfBS service site

Press Proceed if your browser does not allow auto redirection

  1. Choose Disk Safe from the left menu, then select the date of the backup you want to restore

  2. Press home to see all your available files/directories

  3. Select the file/directory you want to restore

  4. Press Restore Selected Files in the right upper corner

Restore Options:

Overwrite Existing Files: Replace files if exist

Encrypt file data over network: Encrypt data over the network during restore process

  1. Press OK in lower right corner

Video tutorial for restoring process

Press the link in video top to view in HD

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