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Second Step: Certificate Preparation Form

Second Step: Certificate Preparation Form

      After requesting the certificate, you will receive a message from us containing a link located in your Client Area, click it

     After opening the link a form will be displayed, fill it out with the following data

      Certificate Supervisor Email ) it must be correct to receive in it the data validity acceptance message )

· Choose the domain you want to issue the certificate for from the list of domains, note that the certificate will only work on direct domain or subdomain.

For example: or

Wheresub is a subdomain, and the certificate will not work in case the site was opened using



In case you want the certificate to work for the site with www and without www, please choose as the domain


· Certificate Request code (CSR), you can get it from the cPanel, for more details please follow the tutorial


Then press Submit

     A new page with a list of emails will be displayed, choose the supervisor email you typed in the previous page and press Submit, the request will be sent to the certificate issuing company which in turn will send the acceptance message to the supervisor email, you should follow the link found in the message to certify the data correctness for the certificate to be issued

    Wait few minutes and you will get the certificate data “Cert” in your email, also you can get it from your Client Area in case you can’t access your email for any reason, to do so follow the tutorial


If the certificate issuing had finished the certificate status will be Issued, and you can get the certificate code as shown in the previous tutorial, add it to your site using cPanel as in the following tutorial


If the certificate status was Processing the certificate is not issued yet, you should review all the previous steps once more, or maybe an error had occurred, you should contact the technical support of the certificate issuing company (for example: GeoTrust, Comodo… etc.) to inquire about the certificate.

If you want us to do that on your behalf (as a paid service) you can open a ticket directed to our customer service department and we will be happy to help you.


Important Notes:


· The certificate will not fully work in a page that contains insecure link belonging to the same site, all links should have the form


· To avoid typing the full path it is preferred to use relative paths

This means: if the page was inside a directory named [foldername] in public_html and there was an image in images directory which is located also in[foldername] the image link can be written as:


· If the image was in a top level directory inside public_html named topimages, the image link will be:



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